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  "From Our Family to Yours"

               Welcome to Crooked Creek Farms

We are pleased to welcome you to the new website featuring the Irish Wolfhounds and Brahman cattle of Crooked Creek Farms located just south of Dallas in the great state of Texas. We hope that your visit to our site is both interesting as well as informative. Most of all we hope to provide everyone a glimpse of our life on our family farm with these magnificent animals.

Please bare with us as we continue to make site improvements and updates. This is our first run at this type of project and we are learning as we go.

If you enjoy your visit or have any further suggestions or comments for the site please introduce yourself and tell us what you think by clicking the "contact us" tab above.



About Crooked Creek Farms

Crooked Creek Farms started as a dream idea where our family could collectively work together and support each other with each of our passions for animals. We have spent several years now making that dream a reality and today we are extremely proud of the outcome we have achieved. Raising our Irish Wolfhounds and Brahman cattle has become a full-time family commitment and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to operate the farm as a family.

Crooked Creek Farms is located just south of Dallas, Texas on a 100 acre piece of property. This allows us to provide our Irish Wolfhounds and Brahman cattle ample room to run, romp, graze, and play about. The farm itself is split up into several pastures and contains two ponds as well as a large creek that runs along the back property line.

Because a part of our farm is raising Brahman cattle we have created and registered a unique brand that represents each of us here at Crooked Creek. The JELS Cattle brand (as seen to the right) was created using the first letter of each of our first names combined together. We came up with the family brand one evening sitting around the fire pit in the backyard after a "family work-day" cleaning up the pecan grove in the bottom pasture. None of us knew really what we wanted but as soon as we came up with this we knew it was perfect.

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